The Reason Joy Isn’t Constant

Do you know how to cultivate compassion?

Do you know how to cultivate acceptance?

Do you know how to cultivate a better life for ALL?

I know that you think you know what my answer will be. It’ll have something to do with cultivating more joy in your life.

You’re wrong.

Compassion, acceptance and a more humane society have much more to do with those infrequent times when joy is more difficult to find than a solid first half by the Detroit Lions.

It’s been about 3 weeks or so since I’ve published a new post. I know exactly why. 

It has nothing to do with writers block.

I’ve entered one of those infrequent seasons, when joy makes itself scarce. When I stop looking in the mirror and counting my blessing. When I stop meditating and looking inside. When I stop praying and looking above…and I start looking around.

I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. I’m not asking for your pity; nor is it a case of needing to be reminded of the millions of ways to cultivate joy in my life.  Neither is it one of those times when I find myself being envious.

What I’m actually experiencing is disgust, anguish, indignation, anger, sadness and fear that this is the best that we will do as humans; not because we can’t do better, yet because we are distracted, lazy and apathetic. This is one of those periods in life that are necessary. It’s one of those seasons that spark action by motivating movements and creating compassion. 

No matter what it is that you believe in or think needs to change, seasons where joy is sparse are the times when you should ask yourself…so what am I going to do about it?

There is a reason why joy is a frequent state, rather than a constant one, and it has little to do with being ungrateful and more to do with cultivating faith in ourselves in humans to cultivate more hope and less hurt.

Joy cultivates quiet peace and contentment. Yet the ways that our society operates and deals with our family, friends and neighbors doesn’t give everyone a life that makes joy easy to experience. It isn’t just about society’s that don’t have clean water or civil servants and police officers that the citizens can trust. It’s also about those that guarantee a free education that doesn’t and can’t provide the knowledge of math, science and comprehension to function adequately enough to understand your bank accounts, doctor’s advice or car insurance policy.

Have you found yourself with a little less joy lately? Were you exasperated when someone said, “Count your blessings;” or “Stop being ungrateful”?  It might not be dissatisfaction with your life. It might be a dissatisfaction with the world you live your life in; and you have just as much control over that as you do over your actual life.

What’s the one thing you will do today that will bring more joy to someone other than you? 

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